A guide of gaining backlink from writing comments

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This article will explain simple guidelines about how to deploy backlinks from writing comments at other niche related blogs. Remember that some blogs have nofollow tag enable and some of them have removed it. A blog with nofollow tag enabled on its outgoing links it means they (links) won’t be spidered by search engine. Basically Blogger and Wordpress based blogs have nofollow tag enabled by default. But I’m going to tell you how to do backlink hunting from blog’s commentaries. Just keep reading ok!
It’s strongly suggested to read these basic guideline about ethics of leaving comment.
  1. Write a related comment with ideas and opinions that are still in same topics. Don’t just spamming commentaries with nonsense junk words.
  2. Please do appreciate other’s and blog author’s comments. Critical comments are fine but remember that part of people won’t accept negative comments.
  3. NO SPAM! Please do not spam in any blog’s comment. Please pay attention at words you are using. Make a clear and distinctive between spamming and advertising.
  4. Avoid writing down a signature with links of your blogs/sites. It is because part of visitor and may be blog owner will be reluctant with it, even just seeing of it. If some one has been feeling uncomfortable about those links, don’t expect your links will be clicked.
Backlink Field.
If boosting SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and Page Rank is your goal, then increase your backlinks from blogs with related topic. Now time to harvest free backlinks from blog which are having removed NoFollow tag. We’ll use some kind of Google query hack to do this harvesting thing.
First please open up Google in new browser (Ctrl+T at Mozilla FF and IE7). Copy code below and paste it inside Google search query form. But you need to do little modification with the code. Pay attention at the code and please change “related topic” with your own desired topics according on your blog.
inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "related topic"
Now start googling and don’t forget to check whether it is using NoFollow tag or not. To do this you can view its source code.
Implementation Technique
  1. Use targeted keywords in [Name] column. And write your blog’s url at [URl] column.
  2. If you’ve decided to write another comment in one same article, then use this chance to put another page of your blog.
  3. You may write some kind of reference which is linking directly to your blog post. But make sure it is the same topics talked. It doesn’t have to be using link inserted below your comment. Just put your post’s link in URl column (Point #1 above).
  4. Don’t ever use too short words/terms. Make your comment as clear as possible.

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