How worth is your blog and how valuable are links inside it

SmartPageRank.com We may curious about how worth is a blog we have, and how valuable is every single link inside it. Actually we won’t know it until we really offer it for a bid at marketplace somewhere around the web. But we probably can predict value or even price of an outgoing link for our blog. This could be useful for consideration of placing direct text link ads.
I found 2 free tools enable us to find out about it. The first one is a free page rank checker plus website value estimated tool from SmartPageRank. Secondly is Link value estimator from LinkVendor.
SmartPageRank.com provides free page rank analyzer which is checking from various Google Center to validate page rank result. Yet, additionally you’ll get estimation of your website/blog value. Value appears in checking result represents an approximate value of your blog, not an actual real value. Value of your blog is determined by these factors: page rank, traffic, backlinks, age of domain, directory listing, and other unlisted factors.
To get started with this service drive your browser to SmartPageRank.com and enter your blog url there.
enter your blog url To gain more validity result it will be checked through several Google’s data centers.
Google datacenter check Then your blog page rank will be analyzed quickly.
page rank display< As your blog PR appears, scroll down the page and you’ll find your blog value.
blog value< LinkVendor didn’t predict your overall blog value. But they predict how worth is price of link in your blog. To try this “Link value” service visit LinkVendor.com and type your blog url there. You can choose two available currencies in dollar or euro.
link vendor I think it is a cool blog popularity prediction service ever. See how worth this blog’s link.
link value by linkvendor.com The two of them also provide button's code to be placed at your blog. It is suggested for you to use this button if your blog has higher value.

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