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BlogTemplate20 diagnosis result Talking about search engine optimization (SEO) for blog based site can not be separated from SEO tool. There are lots of SEO monitoring and diagnosis tools around the web. From a simple SEO tool until the complex and complete one like what we want to talk about. A SEO doctor that can help you diagnose your blog popularity stats.
We can find out how well our blog is doing in major popular search engine and some social bookmarking site statistics. The good thing of this tool is it provided for free. Where do we can find this such free SEO tool? Nice question. Xinu offers free SEO diagnosis tool to make webmasters and bloggers can easily check their blog stats, including pagerank.
Xinu SEO diagnosis All you have to do is by entering your blog url and hit [GO] button. Then your blog SEO stats will be generated quickly on the fly. Next you can see diagnosis result. Xinu provides you with complete diagnosis analysis of your blog popularity. I may call this Xinu service as SEO doctor.
blog SEO diagnosis result The reason why I write this SEO diagnosis service is just because it is a free cool SEO monitoring service which offers complete SEO diagnosis. Since it doesn’t provide us with “SEO monitoring” page, so we have to always recheck stats every time we want to know if there is an update.
BlogTemplate20 diagnose result

and this another site

SEO Monitor is a free SEO stats monitoring service from MyPageRank.net website. Basically it is a simple service which enables blogger to see weekly update of his blog page rank. Although it is simple, but utilizing SEO monitor is really useful.
What stats can we see from this SEO Monitor? By using this service it means that you make a page on MyPageRank.net contains your blog’s page rank (PR), Google backlinks (GBL), Google indexed pages (GIP), Yahoo backlinks (YBL), Yahoo indexed pages (YIP), MSN backlinks (MBL), and MSN indexed pages (MIP). And again what’s the benefit? We can check our blog’s SEO stats (including PR, GBL, and so on) easily every week. This way we don’t have to check them one by one. This is an alternate service from displaying SEO Stats banner.
How can you get this Free SEO Monitor service? As it is a free service so anyone can use it. Getting this service is quite easy with just 3 steps.
  1. Go to MyPageRank and enter your blog url then click [Create my SEO Monitor] button.
    enter site url
  2. You’ll get 80x15 banner code to be pasted at your blog template. Now select it, right click then copy it.
    copy and paste the code
  3. Paste the code inside your Blogger template. About how to put some codes to Blogger template is as easy as adding widgets.
What if you don’t really want to put banner on your blog? You have to put small banner linked to your SEO monitor page. Otherwise you can write down your page URL and visit it next time. Since SEO stats is updated weekly, so I don’t really think you have to visit that page everyday. Here it is the page will be looked like.
this blos stats


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