Check Your Blog With SerpRank Tool (blogspot)

Basically this tool isn’t specialized for blogs only, but it is build for general websites, includes blogs. We can use it to check our blog ranking position at Google at other major search engine. This free service is provided by SerpRank.com site too. The site is great for its useful tools. Why don’t you also try the “Search Engine Ranking Position” check?
enter your blog niche As addition there are local Google search engines available to be checked from their database. Just enter your blog URL and targeted keywords you want to, and hit [Check SERP Rank] button.
wait a moment... ... ... Then wait a little moment for the SERP Rank results to come through.
SERP Results Boom, and finally the SERP results displayed for each search engine started from main Google then Yahoo. Here it is example of this blog’s SERP checking results from localized Google domain.
SERP Result form Googles

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