Top Blogger Hacks Make Your Blog Professional

Things are quite easy and enjoyable for bloggers who are blogging on self hosted blog with wordpress blogging script. Lots of useful plugins are available online for free to make blog professional. For blogger.com users things are bit difficult but not much. I used to be such blogger myself, in fact I still blog on my free blogspot blog. Here is the list of hacks that can make your blog impressive.

SEO Hacks For Blogger.com

Different Title/Description to post hack
We all know how important SEO is to get rank in search result. Time and effort will go in vain if your post doesn’t get rank for keywords, and apparently you are not going to get what you have started blogging for. This hack will provide separate title and description to your particular post. I have achieved extremely good result because of this hack. You don’t have to use any Java Script. It is the easiest hack to be applied. Configure this hack.
‘Read More’ Link Hack
You must have landed on kind of blogs where home page shows only some initial part of post and you have to click on ‘Read More’ or ‘Continue’ link to read full post. Wordpress bloggers call it Excerpt plugin. Google doesn’t provide any option for such navigation, so, you have to manually configure this hack. This hack ensures that visitors click on your post link to read full post. This is quite good strategy to increase clicks on your blog. Click Here For Hack
Tag Clould Hack
Tag cloud is collection of keywords that best describes the content of the post. Most frequently the used keywords (in our case a ‘label’) will be distinguished by high font weight and font size. Click here to configure this hack.

Web 2.0 Effect Hacks

Deepjax / Ajax Lable Hack
This hack is the one that I am using on my blogger blog (Click on blue top horizontal tab). It gives wonderfull effect of web 2.0. It is the form of ajax label hack. Deepjax is the name I have given to this hack as its been created by Deepak (To give him credit). Click Here to configure this hack.
Tabview Widget
Tabview is the very famous widget. You can find tabview widget to all major websites (specially news portal websites) like yahoo and about.com. Hoctro is the developer of this hack. It is very good solution to display recent post, recent comments and links at just one spot. Click here to configure this hack.
Add Social BookMark Buttons To Post Hack
Social bookmarking sites are the latest buzz on internet. Millions of users of sites, like digg, Stumbleupon and Del.icio.us, submit or rate an article to this sites. More ratting will give you more traffic. Even a normal person can get his article exposed to international readers. Configure this hack.
Widget on Particular Post
By default your all widgets can be seen on all blog posts. This hack enables you to display a particular widget on related post. You can also use this hack to show a widget on all post except on home page. Configure this hack.

General Hacks

Welcome Note / Few words Hack
It would be nice if you can display welcome note to greet visitors on home page and not on all post (it can be done with ‘wideget on particular post’), and it will be really great if you can display few words on all labels. Click here for hack
Comments List Widget
Recent comment hack displays list of comments (with link of the commentors’ blog). It is the good way to give traffic to who have commented thus you can pay back your readers and enticed them to leave comments again. Guide to get this hack .
Related Posts List Widget Hack
This hack will list the post urls posted with same label. readers are most likely to visits post if the post is about something interested in. A good way to keep visitors spending more time on your blog. Use this hack.
I have successfully applied all hacks on my blogspot blog. You may leave comment for support, if you have any trouble.


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