Text Links To Make Money and Increase Traffic

Text based link ads has been playing pivotal role in online industry. In fact it has changed the complexion of online marketing scenario ever since Yahoo and Google started giving more importance to the text link to determine quality of a page. In other words you can say text-link is support system of current search algorithm. Knowing this fact, webmasters begun to exchange and sell links which, eventually, was manipulating search results. Finally Google stopped considering links on link Farm pages as real links or natural links.
Many text link ads services have tried to find middle way. Some are coming up with good, more importantly improved, ideas to provide a hub where advertiser and publisher can get togather for their need. LinkShowOff is one such service. It is a link based marketplace where advertisers can find a platform to advertise with few easy steps and bloggers can earn by selling links to them.
Linkshowoff has learned from the failure of the predecessors like TNX.net and TLA.com. It displays the link with nofollow attribute. Advertiser and publisher will not have to afraid of penalty from link-o-centric search engines since it won’t pass the link juice regardless of the quality of the website.
How it works?
After you sign up you will have to create a widget where you need to information like URL, Title, Category, Slots (Number of links), Approval method, description, Cost for each link to be displayed, Color of widget and tags. You will be provided javascript code according to your widget information, which you are supposed to place on your site or blog.
For Publishers….
  • Publishers (webmaster and bloggers) decides cost of a slot to display on their blog.
  • Your website/blog will be listed at LinkShowOff Directory.
  • Advertisers pay you the amount you have deiced and their link will be up on your widget.


  1. It's true that links do help a lot in promoting a business site. It gives a good amount of traffic to your website that provides potential clients resulting to business success.


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