Super Blogger hack to improve the default comments system with Google Friend Connects

If you are a Blogger user your know very well the limits of Blogger comments system. Although some improvements (inline comments), comment system remaining a small weakness of this fantastic blogging platform. But now a solution came directly form Google and the Friend Connect Wall Widget!

What can you do with this widget? In a nutshell you can add a Wall (Facebook-like) in your pages, so your readers can add comments or reply to a previous message posted by an other reader. The result is something like this:

I suggest you don't disable Blogger standard comment system... but use both, letting to your readers the choice about what comment system to use. Set up the Wall Widget it's simple and requires only one minute!

Step 1: In Google Friend Connect home page click on Social gadgets and select Wall gadget.

In the next page, in option section, select Page from Scope menu. In this way all comments associated with a specific page will be displayed only on that page:

Step 2: Set all remaining options how you prefer, customizing the width, height and colors of your widget. Now clik on Generate code button and copy the code, then sign-in on your Blogger account and click on the tab Layout > Edit HTML. Rember to save your template before to make the following changes!

Step 3: Now copy this code after "post" section in any point. For example, find this line of code:

'comments' var='post'>

...and paste the previous code below. If it's all ok you'll see the Wall below your posts how you can see in my site! Try it!

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