Add TwitThis on your Blogger template and drive more traffic on your website

TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. This tutorial illustrates a simple way to add a TwitThis link on each post of your Blogger template. I suggest you to try it because it's very useful and drive a lot of traffic on your website if you have a good Twitter network.

To add TwitThis on your Blogger template you can using the code you can find here. That code uses JavaScript. If you want use a simpler way to add it use this alternative.

HTML code
Sign-in in your Blogger dashboard and click on Layout Tab > Modify HTML. Select expand widgets option and copy the following code where you want in the posts section (for example below the post title).

Copy and paste the code exactly how it is in the box above! Don't remove spaces!

CSS code
If you like my TwitThis link (), add this class in your CSS file and use it in the previous link:

background:url(http://tinyurl.com/ay2jsc) 10px top no-repeat;

That's all!

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