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This is a continuation from the earlier list of Blog directories to which you can submit your blog for free. For completeness, it is advisable to read the earlier installments Part I and Part II before you read this.

Feel free to share comments on your experiences with these sites but refrain from posting suggestions of new blog directory sites.

Blogflux Blog Flux

Other than a blog directory, the site also provides you with tools and utilities like a pinger form which can submit your feed to several websites.

Blogsearch Blogsearch

Serves its purpose as a blog directory well. You can list your blog in 3 different categories to maximize the exposure to visitors.

Bloghub Bloghub

A fine blog directory which allows visitor ratings.


This is not a big directory and hence navigation is easy and fast. [Update: Site is inaccessible and link is therefore removed.]

Bloggernity Bloggernity

This has been around for some time and has a large database of blogs.

Bloggernow Bloggernow

Almost the same layout as Bloggernity but this carries a much smaller collection of blogs.


Simple and easy to navigate blog directory.

5starblogs 5starblogs

I wonder why some blogs have screenshots while many others don't. Anyway, this is a free directory you can consider listing your blog in.

Getblogs Getblogs

I like this directory, mainly due to the sleek design and quick search speed.


Rather interesting to provide a blog genealogy. For some time, the site exceeded its bandwidth and access was cut. The administrator supposedly switched to a new server host and the site seems to be working very fine now. [Update: This site has been down for quite a while and link is therefore removed.]


Such an interesting name for a blog directory. Approval for listing didn't take long.

Search4Blogs Search4Blogs

The site is filled with too many advertisements, and the blog directory is a mere secondary aspect of it. Not to my liking, but it is a blog directory nevertheless.

BloggerTalk BloggerTalk

This is a forum for bloggers. They have a blog directory as well, although don't bang on it that your blog will be included.

LSblogs LSblogs

Another directory that is slow in approving your listing.

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