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The famous micro blogging “Twitter” can tell your readers about things happen tou you, what are you doing, and knowing new updates. Using Twitter makes your readers stay up to dated for your blog post and news. Moreover you can post short message and tell what’s going on with you recently. Thus if your readers follow your Twitter update via your url (e.g. http://twitter.com/AmRMrX). But yet, now you can bring it out to be appeared on your blog pages. And this also applies to a Blogger based blog. Next I’ll tell you simple way to do this correctly in simple short steps.

First step to do is picking this code up and paste it on Notepad or other similar text editor software (Knote, and so on).

Code Here

If you’ve done it right then you have to do a little tricky thing. You’ll need to replace the word “AmRMrX” inside the code with your own Twitter username in order to make it works. And it could be done quickly using “Replace” menu, a Notepad’s sophisticated feature. You can find it from Edit > Replace menu. Use "Replace All" to make it quicker.

Now login to your Blogger dashboard and aim it at edit layout page (new xml). Make click a new page element at one of side bar section. A popup window should appear with some options inside. You’ve to choose HTML/JavaScript option and click “Add to blog”.

Name your side bar title with Now on Twitter, Recent news, what am I doing or anything else as you want. Now paste the code and click save.

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