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Blogger hacks are getting more and more popular and many new players have entered and shown their insatiable interest to hack Blogger template :). If you have seen the list of hack blogs in my sidebar, you know we have plenty to offer. But still, when you need to find if there's a hack for something you want, Google search may not be effective (it might show unrelated pages etc). Or you have to browse/search each hack blog individually and you might miss some hack in the process. To help you find and apply hacks, I have created a custom search engine based on Google Co-op that searches only the hack blogs.

Yes, we have the Hacks wiki but it doesn't always contain all the hacks. Also, the entire post describing the hack doesn't go into the wiki and so it won't work well for complex searches. I happened to find Google Co-op by accident and immediately thought it can be put to good use for this purpose. Visit Blogger Hack search engine page and search for something you want. You could search for "recent comments" and it will pull out the hacks related to recent comments display. If you search for the same term with "Web search" alternative, you will see that it shows pages regarding Wordpress, Livejournal recent comments. Currently, I have added most of the known hack blogs to the list of sites searched - Hackosphere, Hoctro's Place, Beautiful Beta, Singpolyma-tech, The Last Word, Stubborn fanatic, Blogger Hacked, Phydeaux3, Freshblog, Blogger University, PurpleMoggy, Blogger tips and tricks and the Hacks Wiki (Once Bloggeratto becomes a public blog, it will be added too). If you have/know a blog that has some hacks, let me know. I will review and add it. Any feedback/suggestions?

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