Basic Of Blogger Hacks (blogspot hacks)

Before Performing or doing anywork you must know the basic of that /) beacuse if you dont know the basic you will have to face many problems in that work ,so its necessary for new ones to get the basic of that field in which you are new :), It will only make yours work easy and save yours time .So before performing any blogger hack read the basic of blogger hacks below.

  • Blogger Hacks starts as you click on to Layout

  • From Layout Click On Edit Html which will redirect you to Template Code. :)


  • By default, the template does not expose the internal structure of each widget, so what you see actually is the short form of it. This is indeed a great thing, since you can see quickly how the template is made up from, in textual form. You could also insert the complete widget code of my hack (as instructed in the referred tutorials) right from this collapsed mode.

  • Before you make any serious modifications, in yours templates ,it’s best to save a copy of yours template to your hard drive.by clicking Download full template
  • Later on, you could always upload a good template up, overriding the current template.
  • This is the toggle that switches between “collapsed” and “Explanded widget templates“ modes.
  • To insert a new widget, enter the code inside the pair of “b:section” tags with id=’sidebar’, anywhere in between any two singly “b:widget” lines. Later on, once the code is accepted, it’s very easy to visually drag the widget from one place to another, in “Page Element” view.
    1. The preferred place to add CSS code is right in front of the closing b:skin tag
    2. The preferred place to add JavaScript code is right between the closing b:skin tag and the closing head tag.

To add CSS or JavaScript code:

Remember >>Any type of Hack works properly when yours Site feed setting is either “short” or “Full“, but :) not “None“. Let me elaborate on this one with images
After Feed Setting Post will look like below image Allow Blog Feed to Full

Also, make sure in “Settings>>Archiving“, >>Enable Post Pages” Is set to “Yes”

After reading this post ,I think you are now ready to put any blogger hack on action.So all The best to implement blogger Hack on yours posts and templates

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