Aorta Widget installattion

If you like mashups, you probably will like my new Aorta Widget as well. It displays your life's bloddstream, your Aorta, in the sidebar of your Blog. What is in your Aorta? Your Blogger Blog feed, to begin with. But also your Flickr Photo's, your Picasa Webalbums, and your YouTube Channel.

Easy Installation
Go to the Widget Installation & Downlaods Page, and click the Install Widget to Blog button. This will bring up the Widget Installer, where you can customize the widget before installation.
Enter the full url of your Blogger blog. If you have a Picasa Webalbums account, enter the Picasa username here. If you don't have a Picasa account, leave this field blank. If you have a Flickr account, enter your FlickrID here. Again, if you have no account, leave the field blank. Finally, enter your YouTube username, or leave blank if you have no YouTube presence.
Click Customize, and then Add to my Blog.

Easy Styling
Add custom CSS-classes to your skin. You need .bbaortabox, .bbaortaitem and .bbwidgetfooter.

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