Show Technorati blog Reactions link below each posts

Many people know Technorati Link Count Widget as Technorati view Blog Reactions Link,whatever It is same.When some people Links on your post Technorati tracks the Links and makes it possible to display the links with the help of this Widget.

In another sense it is also a blogger hack that helps you display the number of reactions of Links associated that that post.In the Original Technorati Code you can provide only one Link and it shows the reactions only for that Link otherwise you should have to paste the code in each and every post.
To put Link Count Widget on your blog Goto blogger Edit Html Page and Expand Template Widget.This Link seems Good when it is placed with comments count Link.For that search for <span class='post-labels'> .............</span> and Paste the following Just after that Code.

| <script src='http://embed.technorati.com/linkcount' type='text/javascript'/>
<a class='tr-linkcount' expr:href='&quot;http://technorati.com/search/&quot; + data:post.url ' id='technauthority' style='background: url(http://static.technorati.com/static/css/img/icn/talkbubble.png) no-repeat; background-position:right; padding-right:20px;' target='_blank'>View blog reactions</a>

Here data:post.url Explains the Link of the Individual post.
Once you set up this Code in your blog the code will automatically detect the number of Reactions for that post and automatically shows the number of Reactions..

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