Portable Eternal Eden 1.05 Eng

Portable Eternal Eden 1.05 Size: 58Mb

Brand new video game developer, Blossomsoft, announced that Eternal Eden is officially released and available to the public. Eternal Eden is a high quality old-school JRPG, featuring a strong cast of characters, an original storyline, and intuitive game play, which appeals to new players of the genre while fans will instantly recognize the mainstays of this old style. Eternal Eden follows the journey of three children as they try to save their world from original sin.
Game features:
Completely packed with a large assortment of puzzles, complex riddles.
Strategic battles against mythical enemies!
Gorgeous old-fashioned graphics.
A deep, yet easy to understand storyline that will enthrall gamers for countless hours.
Over 20 areas: massive dungeons, incredible palaces, ancient forests, and more!
System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX 9
1 GHz
256 MB RAM
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3


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