How to add or Change Favicon in Blogger Blog?

Favicon is a small icon shown next to site URL in the address bar. In Blogger, by default orange colored blogger icon is shown as favicon. You can make your blog stand out by using your own customized icon. Before you implement the code, you can grab or make your own favicons: Make Favicons - Browse Favicons

To get started, first you need to backup your Blogger template: Click on ‘Layout’ > ‘Edit HTML’ and then click on ‘download full template’ to save it on your computer. Now perform following steps to a change favicon in your Blogger blog:

1. Click on ‘Layout’ > ‘Edit HTML’

2. Then add following code after <head>

<link href=’http://www.URL.com/favicon.ico’ rel=’shortcut icon’/>

<link href=’http://www.URL.com/favicon.ico’ rel=’icon’/>

Above http://www.URL.com is the web address or location where your favicon is stored (hosted). You can upload favicon to Googlepages (now Closed) or on any free image hosting websites that support favicons upload.

‘favicon.ico’ is the name of your favicon file. You can use any name like myfavicon.ico and so on. After adding above code, update the http://www.URL.com and favicon.ico in the code.

Then click on save template button. Open your blog and your new favicon should be visible in the address bar

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